Material information     

18k Whitegold

We are using white gold with 16% palladium. This high percentage is ensuring a good color on the gold. White gold itself is light gray, not white like silver. Lower percentage of palladium in the white gold gives a privy color and has to be plated with rhodium for a nice color. This lightening solution lasts for one or two years, then it must be repeated. Many people choose white gold like it´s natural colored and others prefer even whitegold with 16% of palladium to be rhodium plated.
White gold is nice to whites, black and champagne colored diamonds and rubies.

18k Gold

..can be ordered as either a traditional red gold, rosé gold or yellow gold. Personally I think the yellow gold is the moste beautiful, closest color to fine gold.
Are you interested in ordering other gold colors, do not hesitate to get in touch!
Gold are beautifully to white and champagne colored diamonds and red rubies.
Pure gold is very soft, but when the alloy is at 18k, it becomes hard and durable.


Palladium has a relatively low density, which makes it less heavy than for example gold. Palladium and platinum are white metals, but not quite as white as silver. It feels warm and lightweight, the color is slightly blue-green-white.


Platinum is the king or queen on the throne when it comes to durability and shine, if you are looking for a real white metal. Platinum is very heavy, heavier than gold, and relatively expensive. So it becomes a penny more expensive than gold. Wears almost nothing, but feels "soft and malleable." It is a wonderful metal that goes for generations. Attractive to white, black and champagne colored diamonds. 


925 indicates that there is 925/1000  pure silver in the alloy. That is what we call sterling silver. It is an alloy ideal for jewelry.

Silver can get black-finished or gold plated. Then you get a surface of the jewelry in a different color, but with time it needs to be repeated to maintain the same color. Earrings and necklaces can keep a gold plating / black finish over time.