Returns and Warranty

Wedding and engagement rings:

Should your ordered size not fit perfect, we´ll correct it free of charge, unless you measured correctly and a minor adjustment is requied. You pay only for shipping to us. We stand for the return postage back. If the size would have been wrongly measured up to more than half the size, we must charge a labor cost depending on the material and circumstances.
If we have measured Your size in our shop, we are ofcourse fully responsible!

Note that it is important to measure carefully!

Steel rings with stone settings, can be complex to reduce in size, so don´t hesitate to discuss with us if you are unsure of your size dimensions.

Would you like to return the ring completely, you will receive 75% of the total. Returns must be made within 10 days from date of receipt.


Necklaces, earrings and other jewelry

You have the right to return jewelry with full repaiment, such as necklaces, earrings, tie pins, etc.

Right of return within 10 days after delivery date, date of reciept.



One year warranty of all kind of jewelry. The warranty applies when the jewelry has been subjected to normal wear and tear. There is, for example not appropriate to move stones with a ring on your hand and expect no marks to appear...
Examples of issues that are included in the warranty are loosened of soldered parts and dropped stones.
(private owned stones included in our designs are not included in the warranty).