Tips and advice

Concerning wedding and engagement rings:
It is a good idea to think about the height of the engagement ring if you plan to combine it with a wedding ring later on. A ring that has stones set into the ring rail needs a height that is adapted to the size of the stones. So if you choose a simple engagement ring without stones, don’t make it too thin. A height of 1.75mm is usually enough to be free to choose a diamond ring.

Traditionally, the woman and the man each choose an engagement ring, and for the wedding ceremony the woman gets a second ring, usually with a diamond. Today we are influenced by the traditions of other countries, and it is almost as common for the engagement ring to be the ring that bears the stone. Same-sex couples are getting married (finally) and it’s really up to everyone to choose their ring combination. There is no right or wrong!

Different fingers wear rings differently. If your finger is strongest at the base of the hand and there is no air between the fingers when they are held together and stretched out, you should not choose a ring that is too thick. It can easily become uncomfortable to wear. Choose a height of 1.5-1.75mm and a maximum width of 5mm. A finger that is more knotty, where the finger joint is widest, can handle heavier goods of up to 2.0mm without feeling uncomfortable. Often a wider ring will work on this type of finger, as some air can get in underneath. Feel free to ask for help!