Fashion jewellery

In spring 2019, I completed a collection of silver jewelry. I drew inspiration from what I see every day, simple things we rarely notice, such as the patterns on a gutter, or the lines created by pavement stones placed in a row.
The spaces and shadows that are formed have an exciting expression as well. I have observed stairs, roofs, house facades but also softer forms from the plant world such as honeycombs and seed pods and how something as hard as stone can take on a bending wave pattern through time. I have been inspired by patterns and shapes from ancient cultures that are found in maze-like forms. It is interesting to see how the forms of nature were repeated in ancient cultures and how we recreate them in modern architecture. We are the part of the whole.
The raw surface found on leaves, stone, moss and concrete has been included in the texture of the jewelry and I have played with the meeting between the beautiful and the raw. Surfaces have always interested me, and it is a hallmark of all my collections, including the wedding rings.
The silver jewelry is meant to be combined in many different ways! Come into the shop and try out what would suit you!